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Leather sofas are often seen as a premium piece of furniture represents much for status. Quality varies between every single leather sofa just like anything else, whether it's the leather or the frame underneath. Understand how to choose and compare quality between leather sofas can help in making the right decision before forking out a large sum of investment.

Learn the differences between several methods used in dying leather furniture. Pigmented is probably the cheapest option, and is dyed directly on the furniture's surface with mixture of color and protective coating. Although it is an affordable option and comes with durability, it often lacks the smooth feeling people crave for from leather furniture. Therefore people would go for aniline, where the dye penetrated the entire piece of leather giving it a uniform and lasting finish. Protected aniline is treated with a coat of protective sealant to prevent unwanted stains.

It is always advisable to walk into high-end furniture store that specializes in leather furniture because they would hold a larger inventory with vast varieties. This will provide better insights of the best options to compare when you have a budget in mind. Remember to ask the experts around regarding your choice. Avoid sofas with a combination of leather and vinyl which is famous over the short span of durability. Ask questions about each piece of sofa, including the type of wood used for the frame, coils used for the support etc.

Experience the sofa by sitting on them to try out. Rock it side to side and press backwards into the frame like you would normally do at home. Try to avoid the purchase if movements and squeaking happens, it only indicates poor quality of construction and nothing else. This would also happen in high end leather furniture so it is important not to skip this step and make sure to check thoroughly. Check the stitching and finishing of each sofa. High-end leather chair will not have any fraying in the stitch work; all look extremely tight as if glued to the leather. Check the padding several times. You should not feel the frame of the sofa at any spot anytime if the furniture is well padded. If maintenance is your concern, it would be helpful to look for removable covers to replace the padding in the future. Based on our experience the leather will outlast the padding over time. Any sofa that can easily be repaired over time to extend its life span is of higher quality, ultimately, than those that aren't.

Last but not least, look around and get second opinions. When you have a cear grasp on the basic components that make up a high-quality leather sofa you will be able to compare different styles and brands to find one that suits your interior perfectly.