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Arm Chair

Future Sofa offers the famed Arm Chair into one of our collections. Our collection of arm chair is specially designed by well known designers around the world. Arm chairs are regarded as one of the most classic and functional chairs since its introduction. As we progress arm chairs have been receiving innovative treatments. Future Sofa utilizes cushions, leathers and fabric with a tapered human backbone construction for maximum support & comfort. The contoured design makes sure that it will be a comfortable seating experience. The back and seat are fully sprung and has a chamfered feather down cushion. We have a variety of design, sizes, colors and finishes for customers to choose from. They can be easily placed at homes and offices to provide as resting areas. Dive in to discover our selection of premium arm chair, you will definitely find one you love.

Model: Comfort Chair

W68 X D148 X H83cm

Model: Dream Chair

W98 X D158 X H90cm

Model: Relax Chair

W66 X D137 X H89cm