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Leather Sofa

Future Sofa specializes in luxury top of the line leather sofas in Malaysia. Leather sofas are seen as some of the most sophisticated piece of furniture suited for house and offices. Our high quality leather sofas include a huge variety of designs, styles and colors, representing elegance at its best. We offer classic and contemporary designs alike, to make sure it stays in fashion for decades. The array of eye popping colors includes beige, black, brown, red gray and more. Each and every of our leather sofas are carefully stitched and heavily padded with cushions for maximum comfort. It resembles comfort and class with sleek designs, durable leathers and soothing colors. Our leather sofa fits extremely well with other furniture, fitting and d├ęcor. Dive in to discover our selection of premium leather sofas, you will not regret.

Model 3028 (3L)

W151+90 X D102+78 X H102cm

Model 7018 (3L)

W186+104 X D102+74 X H95cm

Model 7030 (3L)

W172+96 X D104+70 X H96cm

Model 7031 (3L)

W186+110 X D95+65 X H94cm

Model 7033 (3L)

W168+103 X D95+75 X H97cm

Model 7035 (3L)

W149+88 X D108+70 X H100cm

Model 7037 (3L)

W180+109 X D104+70 X H97cm

Model 7039 (3L)

W208+116 X D101+95 X H89cm
W48 X D22 X H11cm

Model 7041 (3L)

W180+110 X D112+91 X H96cm

Model 7043

1 Seater 1 Arm
W90 X D100 X H99cm
1 Seater w/o Arm
W61 X D100 X H99cm
W90 X D174 X H99cm
Console Box
W33 X D100 X H83cm

Model 7042

2 Seater 1 Arm
W161 X D106 X H100cm
1 Seater w/o Arm
W66 X D106 X H100cm
W95 X D176 X H100cm
Console Box
W33 X D106 X H101cm

Model 7046

2 Seater 1 Arm
W174 X D110 X H95cm
W105 X D182 X H95

Model 7045

2 Seater 1 Arm
W164 X D100 X H97cm
1 Seater w/o Arm
W66 X D100 X H97cm
W97 X D163 X H97cm

Model 1018 (3L)

W186+110 X D93+67 X H89cm

Model 1019 (3L)

W183+105 X D98+68 X H92cm

Model 3013 (3L)

W184+104 X D102+63 X H96

Model 3016 (3L)

W184+104 X D102+63 X H96

Model 3000B (3L)

W182+109 X D105+69 X H91

Model 3025 (3L)

W182+110 X D96+71 X H91